This Could Be Yours For $199K

1624 4th St NW
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Looking on Redfin there are a few places in NW DC that can be had for less than $200K. This is one. It will more than likely need work. However, it may be one of those things you can fix up while living rough. Sort of a bachelor project or something for a super handy couple.
Yet, it is interesting to see the number “1” in front of the numbers for some abodes again. Haven’t seen that number starting housing prices since 2003. Don’t be fooled by the 4 bedroom 3 bath claim. Houses on that side of the street are small and are usually 2 bedroom and at the most 2 bathrooms.

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  1. The tax record for it only says two bdr, 5 rooms total. I guess the first floor living and dining room count as bedrooms 3 and 4. -Mike

  2. There is noise from New Jersey Avenue, not as loud as houses on New Jersey. The mosque is a block off, but overtime the calls to prayer, which can be heard 2 blocks away, become background noise. There are a few pre-teen/ teenagers on the block, but not gaggles of them. Good windows and insulation should block the kids.
    There are no buses that come down the street. You’ve got sidewalk traffic, but for the most part it is quiet.

  3. ID your posts. Even ignorant posts. And if you post something stupid and ignorant I can delete it, and guess what Bub…
    Calling Shaw a bad neighborhood was insulting, but your suggestion of what to do with the property would do a great disservice to the residents who live in Shaw. We’ve got enough clueless absentee landlords and asthetically blind developers thank you. There are hundreds of cheap houses in PG, Fairfax and Prince William counties to screw with, rent out, and ruin the neighborhood with.

  4. My boyfriend called about the house and it is gutted/needs about 100K worth of work. I don’t know if you could live in it whilst fixing or not, but I do know I do not have the skills to fix up that much!

  5. Gutted? Already? Up until a month ago there was a family living in it. It may need a total gut job. Renters can tear a place up but did they tear it up that much?
    Heck my house needed a gut job. It was nice that I was able to live in it for a few years to determine how I really wanted to live in the space, first though.

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