Pluleeeze buy this and open my fantasy French Restaurant

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Just hitting Redfin today is 1700 New Jersey Avenue for 1.2 million. It can be a restaurant, with an apartment above and outdoor seating.
So if you happen to have a million, please, please, please, please, pretty, pretty please with sugar on top buy this and open my fantasy French bistro. That or my fantasy tandoori carry out. Or a fantasy wine bar. And since we’re talking about my fantasies, throw in my fantasy trophy husband while we’re at it.
Yes, the picture is old, but I don’t want to anger the MRIS gods.
Please buy it and open something nice. I beg you.

8 thoughts on “Pluleeeze buy this and open my fantasy French Restaurant”

  1. good luck on this one! i agree with you totally, this is the perfect place for the restaurant that will rule eastern shaw. do it, secret entrepreneur!

  2. The mris pics of the apartments look really nice. Too bad there’s no indication on what condition the retail part is in. Also, anyone know the zoning on the lot? -Mike

  3. Not sure on the zoning, but it was previously Dave’s Seafood. I have seen the inside of the retail space and it is quite nice. It’s completely renovated. I forget exactly how large it is, but I think it might be on the smaller side. Maybe a little larger than Azi’s Cafe. It has 2 bathrooms side-by-side, so I think he was hoping for it to be a restaurant/cafe.

  4. speaking of great locations … how about the abandoned spot on 3rd … just accross from the “1/2 Off House”. would be a great spot for a brew pub … plenty of patio space with an industrial portion in the back for the brewing kettles … sigh.

  5. Jason, I followed your profile link to your blog…. which has only one entry from two years ago!

    How is the house going?


  6. Yep … one could say that I have been a bit remiss from blogging duties after my initial “rant”. Been meaning to start up the blog, but I wonder how much I really want strangers to read about my life. 🙂

    House is getting better … been a bit lazy this summer. Basement apartment renovations were completed two years ago and we finished up the upstairs kitchen about a year and a half ago. I’ve redone the half bath and we’ve made substantial changes to the front yard.

    How are things with you? BTW, my apologies to the webmaster for my personal regurgitaion on your comments page!

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