We claim this street lamp in the name of Truxton

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Somewhere, I don’t know where, are some banners proclaiming that you have arrived in the happy land of Truxtonia. TruxtonCircle.Org Scott sent me this along with another design and both feature stuff that was torn down years ago, the fountain and the original Dunbar High School. All the best, a Bates Street style house isn’t that eye catching , nice and roomy but not street sign ready. However Armstrong would make for a nice pix. And the current Dunbar ain’t pretty at all.
But, yea, we have signs for little part of Shaw. Yes, I do consider Truxton part of the Shaw family of neighborhoods.

New Blog

My next door neighbor B. has a blog. It’s still new so he’s feeling his way around. Jimbo and I have been helping him grasp the concept and purpose of blogging, so when you visit be nice.
The main, and eventual purpose of Bohemian Yankee in the Capital: Salty dog author talks history, sports, queer imagery and urban development is to promote two books that he has coming out, one on GLBT Hollywood and the other on stadium development in the District of Columbia. Of the two I’m more interested in the stadium book, Capital Sporting Grounds as it tells of some of the wheeling and dealing of getting the RFK built, and the location of various other sporting venues in the city.

5th St Hardware Now Open

After work I stopped by the newest hardware store at 1055 5th St NW, near Shaw (on the other side of NY Ave, so not Shaw) to see if I could find a cable do-hicky-thingy. Thing with businesses that just open up is that there are more staff people milling about than customers and no I don’t need any help, just looking. This cramps my style of leave me the heck alone until I need something shopping. It will get better once people realize it’s there and the surrounding condos are filled with folks who need light bulbs, hooks, Meyer’s cleaning solution, buckets, flower pots, suet, and bolts… okay maybe condo people may not need the kajillion different bolts and actual hardware they have stocked on the second floor.
I got my cable thingy, as well as some garden wire and some citronella candles. It doesn’t have the same vibe as Logan Hardware, but as I said, it’s still new.