Walking on my lunch

Walkway Arugula
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

Part of my gardening is based on the idea of throw it on (seeds) or in the ground and see what happens. If it grows cool, if it don’t oh, well.
The experiment with the purslane has been great. Seeds were thrown everywhere, and like the weed it is, it grew almost everywhere I put seed down. I’ve been enjoying purslane salads for dinner and lunch for a while now, but there is a problem. A good amount of the purslane is where I walk. The reason why I like purslane so much is that it has this great crunch to it. And it is that crunch I hear when I walk towards my bike or go to turn on the water hose.
Now I have arugula seedings from previous plantings that dropped seed growing in my walkway cracks too. Oh, brother!
The good thing about an edible front yard is I can eat it. The bad thing is I’m stepping on and knocking over the food that would be my lunch.