Supporting Jessica Lanza

After some thought I have decided to have InShaw endorse the ANC candidacy of Ms. Jessica Lanza. Though I don’t live in Ward 2, I work in Ward 2, ANC2C03 exactly. Having someone who is both interested in the Penn Quarter/ Gallery Place area as a developing and residential place is a good thing. Downtown is a little different, but the residents of that area and Shaw share some similarities. And due to its proximity to Shaw, the ups and downs of Downtown can impact Shaw and Mount Vernon Sq.
Another reason why I support Ms. Lanza is that the current ANC2C03 leader is lacking and is holding back ANC2C as a whole. A change will hopefully shift things in ANC2C and move away from the unaccountability and ineffectiveness.

Check out Jessica’s website, see her informative blog.

Republican Press Release RE: Family Services Head

Press Release

For Immediate Release
July 23, 2008

Contact: Paul D. Craney

DC’s Child & Family Services Agency Deserve Better

Washington, DC: Yesterday, DC’s Attorney General Peter Nickles defended the appointment of Mr. Roque Gerald as interim director of DC’s Child & Family Services Agency. Mr. Gerald comes with baggage as recent revelations point that in 1989 Mr. Gerald who is a psychologist had sex with a suicidal and depressed patient in his office, who later sued him for damages. Mayor Fenty directed media questions to Mr. Nickes.

“Would a bank hire a bank robber, no. Why is Mr. Gerald being appointed for a position in which he is disqualified for?,” stated Robert J. Kabel, Chairman of the District of Columbia Republican Committee.

“Having the Attorney General answer calls to the press about a questionable political appointee instead of helping to prosecute the criminals in the Trinidad neighborhood is waste of valuable resources,” concluded Kabel.