Troublemaker map

Over on the MVSQ neighborhood blog there is a map pointing out all sorts of interesting things like MPD Crime Cameras, daytime loitering spots, and suspected residences of ‘troublemakers’.
It has crossed my mind to put up such a type of map, however my concerns and lack of Photoshop or other photoediting software (no I haven’t tested out all the software on the mac) takes away any enthusiasm for pursuing such a thing. Concerns are as follows in order: libel, bad info, suburban idiots using it to locate a place to score drugs, said idiots getting shot, and other legal liabities. However, a map pointing out loitering problem spots should be easy to do.

4 thoughts on “Troublemaker map”

  1. GIMP – The Gnu Image Manipulation Program is free/open-source software Photoshop-like software.

    If I did a map I’d just draw a big red arrow on Q about half way between NJ Ave and 5th Street…

  2. Why not see what the comments collect in suspect locations/addresses? I think it’s tough to be held liable for what a bunch of us idiots say in the comments without your control.

    …and it’s no fault of yours if someone clever builds a map out with one of the free tools…

    Like including, say, the location of the village idiots formerly known as “4th-N-R” and now more likely known as “4th-N-Q”…


  3. How about a big yellow box on 1417 1st St, NW. (More of a nuisance property than specific “trouble”).

    Along with the crime camera right across the street.

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