Make the ghetto go away, and work together

Of course, we all recognize that if we are ultimately to improve psychological and physical conditions for minorities there must be total elimination of ghettoes and the establishment of a truly integrated society. In the meantime, however, all those working for economic and social justice are forced to address themselves to interim programs which, while not totally changing the situation, will nevertheless bring about improvement in the lives of those forced to live in ghettoes. And so, whiel [sic] many of those steps may lead to limited integration, those which do not must clearly be seen as interim steps until the objective situation makes a more fundamental approach.

and later

… Labor, Housing and the Office of Economic Opportunity, ought to work with the people of Shaw in developing, coordinating and concentrating their various programs upon social and economic problems of this area.

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at a March 13, 1967 rally for Shaw

6 thoughts on “Make the ghetto go away, and work together”

  1. At the CCCA meeting this week, an old time — but very active and otherwise knowledgeable — resident mentioned that he didn’t know how to find job resource and training information for those who need it in Shaw. It’s hard to believe that he had never heard of DOES or Seek and ye shall find.

    There are resources for those who really want them. Things don’t change for those who are obsessed with and psychological addicted to the status quo and are uncomfortable with the thought of the ghetto changing into something better for everyone.

    — Ra

  2. It is possible that someone isn’t aware of something if they rarely have had need to use something and if that resource doesn’t make a big deal about their services. I’m curious of why community colleges around here don’t advertize their training (medical assistant, etc) programs more.

  3. the churches and social service whores get more dollars by keeping poor people low


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