Prices Slash. Everything Must Go!

1620-1626 4thSt
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

Well finally, the owner of this rental at 1624 4th St NW has finally got the price down from $375K to a possible, $299,999. It’s one of those you can live in it but you’re going to have to fix it up kinda deals. And the price slash should help matters as the current occupants appear very hostile to anyone who comes by to look at it.
I’m one of those people who when I hear the stock market is going down, I say, “Yay, stocks on sale.” Because, in time the solid companies do go back up. I say the same with houses. The silver lining, I see, is houses are getting back to somewhat affordable. So now the houses are on sale, prices are getting slashed, and you can actually put in sweat equity.
I’m really trying not to call a house an investment. It can be, but for the most part it is a place to leave your stuff. A place to sleep and eat at. I think that whole housing as investment, flipping thing screwed the system up.