BA&NA Meeting

| Blagden Alley |
| and |
| Naylor Court |
| Association |
| |
| Monthly Meeting |
| |
| THURSDAY, May 22, 2008 |
| 7:30-9:00 pm |
| Meeting at the |
| Hal and Marthlu’s |
| 905 M Street, NW |
| |

Election of officers, a dog park and maybe more
on the kiddie park, police, and more.

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I called animal control

Wasn’t the first time.
Around about 5 something in the morning, around about the time I wake up before the radio alarm comes on, I heard the low sorrowful howl of the dog across the alley. The howling didn’t wake me up. He’d been howling long since before I went to bed. So I opened up the window and spoke to him, which quieted him for about 2 minutes, and went back to bed. When I opened the window I realized it was raining.
It isn’t unusual for the people of the house across the alley to just leave their dog, a beige and chocolate husky of some sort, out side for the whole weekend, or several days on end. He sits on the deck, howling every time a siren wails. Howling at night. Howling in the rain. That rain we had a week or two ago, he was out in that. I don’t know how his fur works but he never seems drenched. He could be going under the deck periodically, but most of the time he just paces on the deck staring at the kitchen door.
Regardless, I called the city 311 number, who then transferred me over to the 24 hour animal control number. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. I was told, I was the second person to call this morning about the dog.
Back during the flood watch, I called animal control and they did send someone out to check on the dog. By the time they showed up, it stopped raining and the dog was just sitting on the deck, all calm like. Nothing happened. I don’t know what to expect when several neighbors call because his howling is so loud and so sad. He doesn’t bark, but rather belts out a low deep ‘arrooogh’.
Animal Control called me back and said there was a call 2 weeks ago about the dog. They checked it out, contacted the owners, and told them they needed a dog house for the dog. Today, there is a dog house under the deck, and so animal control seems to be satisfied with the situation. Unfortunately, the dog doesn’t spend any time near or in his house.

Dirt on the Dollar Store

Dollar stores have their place in the universe. Today it was place to grab ever disappearing bobby pins. I don’t know where my pins go, but half a pack grew legs and walked off, thus a need to head over to the dollah sto’ on the 1500 block of 7th.
I got my pins, but a walk around to see what there could be used or repurposed revealed dirt. Not plain dirt but 8 lbs of organic garden dirt from Clinton, CT. Several bags of if hanging out in the rear of the store.
I was a bit surprised to find potting soil at the dollar store, but a grabbed a bag. I hoped it would be a dollar. Wrong. It was 2 dollars. The woman ringing me up asked if I was sure I knew I was buying dirt. Apparently the stock of soil she has was a mistake on her part. I don’t know what she thought she was buying.