DC GOP Platform Press Release

Editor’s note: Sometimes I get stuff from the DC GOP and delete without reading. Sometimes I give them a quick glance, then delete them, and on the odd occasion, I post them. This is that odd occasion.
Media Advisory

May 16, 2008
For Immediate Release

Hearings for 2008 DC Republican Party Platform
Hearings Open for Public Input

Washington, DC: The District of Columbia Republican Committee is in the process of drafting our 2008 DC Republican Party Platform. Scheduled hearings for the public to testify will be held on Monday and Tuesday, May 19th and May 20th. The hearings will take place at the DC Republican Committee office located at 1275 K Street, NW Suite 102 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The 2008 DC Republican Committee Platform will be submitted to the Republican National Committee Platform Committee in late August. Local media are invited to attend the hearings.

Confirmed guests who will provide testimony include:

* Outreach Director of DCVote,
* Advocacy Manager to the National Education Association,
* Spokesperson from the Mexican American Chamber of Commerce,
* Newly elected President of the Queens Chapel Civic Association,
* Minority Outreach Director to the National Young Republicans,
* Chairman from the DC Federation of College Republicans,
* Spokesman from a DC LSDBE Business (Local, Small & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise with the full 12 Points),
* Written testimony from the Executive Director of DC Parents for School Choice and the Senior Vice President of the DC Chamber of Commerce.

Invited guests include:

* President of the DC Log Cabin Republicans,
* Various ANC Commissioners,
* And the DC Economic & Empowerment Coalition.

In addition, the DC Republican Committee will meet with Ed Lazere, Executive Director with DC Fiscal Policy Insitute and Walter Smith, Executive Director with DC Appleseed.

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Real Estate Agents Back on Crack

I swear some Real Estate Agents are on crack. And it has been a while since I’ve written that phrase. I was going to ponder the minor mistakes of location listing, like listing a house that is clearly in the TC as being in Eckington. But then I spotted a LeDroit Park house listed for over 4 million dollars. 1-2-3-4 Million! Yes, it has a huge lot, and 8 bedrooms, but great googgly-mooggly.
The days of houses in the hood selling in a matter of a few days gone. Gone with the $400,000 mortgages, no down payment loans given to unemployed. Gone, hopefully, is the army the get rich quick flippers and hysterical buyers descending on the next new thing.
We were the next new thing. The hot hip neighborhood. We were like the bright newly graduated student, full of potential and promise. In the 7 years I’ve been here we have come a long way, but there is still a ways to go. Still more untapped potential and promise. But it’s not going to be released any time soon with the fury and near mindless abandon we experienced, until we are once again rediscovered.
Until then lets continue to add value, real value, to those who live here now. Let us improve our homes, not for some faceless unknown buyer, but for ourselves. Let us fight for usable parks and recreational facilities. Let us encourage businesses and non-profits we will actually patronize and support with our dollars and our time and our hearts, not just to heighten our property values or to have something to mention on the MLS as an amenity, but to improve our quality of life.