Catania is ours

It was nice to see a smiling picture of Nicole in today’s Washington Post Food section, and yes “gentrified locals in Bloomingdale” can enjoy her buttery goodness, when they cross Florida Avenue to get to her as she is in Shaw, more specifically, Truxton.
I’m not going to talk up the croissants because I don’t need the competition. However the muffins are good, and filling. For the past few weeks she’s had blueberry only. When the cranberry comes back, I will pounce on those. The muffins are moist and go well with a nice glass of milk. You can enjoy them throughout the week by wrapping them in plastic wrap and stuffing them in the fridge.

2 thoughts on “Catania is ours”

  1. Retail- Saturday mornings, 7:30 or 8AM to noonish or 1PM. She may be open earlier but what I want isn’t always ready when I’ve shown up at 7 or 7:30. You might be able to get baked bread at that hour, not necessarily croissants. The key time is between 8 and 10. After 10 you might be limited to some small sub rolls.

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