When your scanner is limited

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The picture is of a legal sized document. Sorta circa 1970 from the same folder as the legalese I wrote yesterday. The problem is my scanner can’t get the whole page.
What is this?
“Extremely deficient buildings in Shaw” aka number of crappy buildings that probably need to be torn down. I see Square 513 had 51 crappy buildings. Square 513 is N St, 4th St, M St, and 5th Street. Well considering the post 1970 buildings on that square and the building that committed suicide last (or was it early this year?) year…. yeah. Next on the crap for bricks block is Sq. 617 with 50. That’s over with Hanover Pl, and then Sq. 271 with 35 buildings. My little map O’Squares only covers eastern Shaw, so I don’t know where that is without doing some more looking.

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  1. how interesting! on sq 513 at least 2 suicidal houses come to mind in recent years. that last one on ridge was just about a year ago i think.

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