7 thoughts on “Now open at P and North Cap”

  1. thank god, i was just thinking we needed a chicken place. I hope they open a liquor store, church, and check cashing place next!

  2. this place is a step up from the crummy takeout and fast food places in the nabe. the owner has indicated a desire to adapt to neighbors’ needs but he’s starting small and tightly focused– not a bad strategy. i picked up a sandwich last night and it was fresh and tasty. -neda

  3. I tried Luciana Café this evening and I was quite pleased.

    For $4.40 – four dollars and forty cents! – I got one monster of a carved roast chicken sandwich w/lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a nice hoagie bun… w/fries.

    And it was goooooood!!

    As far as the seating, yes, I agree that it would be nice if they put in some tables and chairs. With the space that they have, it looks like they might just do that.

    BTW, sanjay malakar; what a brilliant and insightful comment you made! You so clever!

  4. Thank you, God! Peruvian Rotisserie chicken within walking distance. Hallelujah! One of my prayers for the neighborhood has been answered!

    Now, about the ability to hail a cab on North Capitol…


  5. The Peruvian style chicken here is great. The sides are great as well. I’ve ate here at least twice a week since the cafe opened up and it’s just great. The prices are great which make it easy to feed a 4 person family. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

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