What do artists need?

A comment back on one of the empty schools posts, has got me a wondering. We talk about creating spaces for artists, arts districts, etc. but that got me to wondering about what exactly do artists (and what kind of artists) need. Individual artists, groups/companies of artists, professional and amateur artists, what is it that they need? ‘Cause I don’t want to assume too much.
First, I started thinking about what kind of artist. Visual arts? Performing arts? What do dancers need? I know certain dancers need a space with a sprung wooden floor (concrete flooring is bad for the knees). I know there are several musicians in the neighborhood at various levels (music teachers, band members, amateurs, etc). In the visual arts range there are two artists (with day jobs) on my block. Lastly, I know of one actor/waiter, I’m going to gather there might be more hiding amongst us.
Second, what do these people need? Practice space? Work space? Exhibit space? Performance spaces? And follow that up with how would the spaces be provided?
Anyway, just wondering out loud. But if you are an artist of any sort feel free to comment and say what you need. As a crappy flute player, I need instruction, and neighbors tolerating the sound of scales played over, and over, and over again.