You gonna eat that?

Just in case you’re new to the blog and my occassional gardening posts, my front yard has a theme. It is, “can I eat it?” If I can’t eat some part of the plant, I refuse to grow it.
Now just because it is edible, doesn’t dictate that I will eat it. That’s what I was thinking when I moved the Swiss Chard up against the fence by the sidewalk. Looking at it, I realized it was in puppy peeing range. No matter, I’m less of a chard fan this year. Chard has this odd aftertaste that makes my tounge feel fuzzy. Beet greens are much better and no aftertaste.
The Swiss Chard I have, I started in 2007, and they survived the winter pretty well. In Fall I cut them down and gave the greens away to neighbors, only to have new growth sprout from the sides of the left over stump. Another reason why I moved them to the fence was that they are pretty. They are red, yellow and a greenish white leaves. The red can be very vibrant. I figure they are pretty enough to be one of the decorative edibles.