Big Blue/Grey Off the Market

Originally uploaded by In Shaw

If going by Redfin and ZipRealty, 1721 4th St, the big house with the 1/2 of a postage stamp back yard is off the market. Hopefully it is under contract, but we won’t know if it actually sold for a while. Also on 4th St and are both off the market are 1608 & 1624 4th St NW. They are owned by the same guy and the places have renters, so I wonder if he’s taken them off the market to sell later or get the renters out and fix up the places for sale. I heard he failed to present the renters with the right of first refusal. At the prices he’s asking he’s going to have to go in an make an effort (cleaning/ new paint/ maybe staging), or lower the price. I say lower the price, but we’ll see what happens.
Over on 1st St NW, 1223 isn’t popping up either, so I gather that’s off the market as well. But the house next door at 1225 is still for sale for around $550K.