Capital Market: The Series

After the tour of the market area given by Richard and Elise a couple of weeks ago, I suggested creating a resource for would be shoppers. Something that pre-tour could be printed up or for others not interested in the tour, a directory of some of the places one may want to explore. There is a template, and that is just to keep it so that you as a reader and shopper aren’t bogged down with too much sundry information, just the basics. If anyone else wants to participate, I can provide you with the template and some ideas.
First up is Obengs. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about the place as it is not one of my regular stops. I’ve been in a few times, once to buy the Afrophile roommie some goat meat. I’ll probably update it when I go through there again just to remember what other products are there.

Capital Market: Obeng Market

Obeng Market
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

Obeng International
300 Morse St., NE
202 544 8255
Takes: Cash, Debit & Credit

Description: Serving the African immigrant population the store sells items like fu-fu flour, goat meat, and salted fish. They also sell items familiar to Americans like fresh chicken at their butcher’s counter, large bags of rice, and kitchen spices.

Extra: When ordering from the butcher’s counter your chicken will be cut into quarters and your goat into large cubes. If you don’t want your meat cut say something.

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Another BACA meeting missed

I’m so bad.
I was planing to just pop by the function at Vegetate for Roadside DevelopmentsO Street Market. I figured I’d pop a few munchies and show up to the BACA meeting fashionably late. I wound up running into some neighbors from the street and well, time flew. I’m so sorry. Sorry that I can be so easily distracted by free wine and polenta bites.
Anyway they need community support Thursday before the Zoning people.
I swear I will make the next, BACA meeting…. well, unless a certain idiot finally asks me out that night.