You gonna eat that?

Just in case you’re new to the blog and my occassional gardening posts, my front yard has a theme. It is, “can I eat it?” If I can’t eat some part of the plant, I refuse to grow it.
Now just because it is edible, doesn’t dictate that I will eat it. That’s what I was thinking when I moved the Swiss Chard up against the fence by the sidewalk. Looking at it, I realized it was in puppy peeing range. No matter, I’m less of a chard fan this year. Chard has this odd aftertaste that makes my tounge feel fuzzy. Beet greens are much better and no aftertaste.
The Swiss Chard I have, I started in 2007, and they survived the winter pretty well. In Fall I cut them down and gave the greens away to neighbors, only to have new growth sprout from the sides of the left over stump. Another reason why I moved them to the fence was that they are pretty. They are red, yellow and a greenish white leaves. The red can be very vibrant. I figure they are pretty enough to be one of the decorative edibles.

4 thoughts on “You gonna eat that?”

  1. I saw several hand-to-hand transactions take place on 4th St. NW, just south of FL Ave., today.

    Cars roll up, the brothers loitering in front of the vacant homes step into the street, and the deals go down.

    Shaw isn’t nearly as gentrified as most folks think; regardless of their position on the topic.

  2. Dang it I was all excited thinking someone was gonna comment on edible landscaping, instead I get an off-topic.
    Dude I will post about the boyz in the hood when I feel like it, particularly their lovely ‘bring your daughter to work’ days. In the meantime I highly recommend reading “Gang Leader For A Day”.

  3. As a relative newcomer to the area, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, especially your urban gardening ones. And, again, having just recently moved here from the sunny climes of southern California and the regular neighborhood plant sales/give aways, am curious as to where you and other area gardeners do your shopping? I’d prefer to support a locally owned establishment, and not Home Depot, so would appreciate your suggestions.



  4. I bought some dirt and plants at the Garden District on 14th and S. The organic dirt is $12 a bag. I gather Logan Hardware on P St near 14th also has dirt. I know they have garden hoses and other garden stuff.
    When relatives give me Home Depot gift cards, I go to Home Depot. I’m planning on going there and getting me some pots, and dirt, and maybe a clipper thingy.

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