Cheap TC house alert

$199,900 for 1506 3rd St NW. Sold As-Is and as a shell. From what I can remember (I need to walk by it) this house isn’t in as bad of shape as the house next door was (very past tense) before it got fixed up. From the exterior it seems OK, but there could be a butt load of work needed. Pluses, big back yard. Minus, no alley access.

3 thoughts on “Cheap TC house alert”

  1. Hi,

    How did you report vacant property being taxed at the non-vacant rate? I’d like to report the same in my neighborhood.


    A. Evans

  2. Thanks very much. I followed the link and checked the vacant property list, and the place in question is on that list.

    However, tax records indicate that it is being taxed at the owner-occupied rate. The place is boarded up and crumbling down!

    What a mess!


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