34 Q St NW 4Sale

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I’m not sure which house is 34 Q. Actually, I’ve been flipping through my flickr collection and trying to match up houses for sale, and I really need to take more pictures…. and do a better job of taking the addresses.
From the description, I am guessing it is a short sale as the bank has to approve the price. But what you get for your $305,000 is a 10 bedroom 3 bath, 3500 sq ft vacant building with taxes high enough to make you cry if you keep it vacant. The price is a significant reduction from the $550K it started off as back in July of 2007. And the seller is taking a big hit as it was purchased in 2006 for $685K. *wince*

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  1. It’s 3,500 square feet of living space according to the tax website. My house is about 1000 and a 2 bdrm, so 1 bedroom per 500 sq ft, so 7 bedrooms, but if that basement is livable, then yeah, you’d probably be able to squeeze 3 more in.

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