1st & Q.

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55 Q Street NW is up for sale but I was not entirely sure this was the same house. Why? Because the photo being shown on ZipRealty is a crappy magneta colored ugly thing from 2003. I’m encountering a lot of bad re-used photos on Ziprealty. Redfin is better. Anyway this house on the corner is going for 1/2 a milllllion dallahs, $500K.
It is a two unit building, a trend I noticed with some of the turn of the century homes that were built as investment properties. The rental units are bringing in $1340 & $1215 a month, $2555 in total. You’d need a big down payment to get the rentals to cover the price of the mortgage. People you wonder why renters get kicked out? Because their rent don’t cover the mortgage and taxes.
Sorta on the other side of the street is 1537 1st St NW at the much cheaper price of $299K. And, it has parking.

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  1. Pictures from all the internet realtors are simply downloaded (with permission) from the publishing MLS – and irrespectrive of how old the shot may be, or its condition – it is the Listing Broker and/or his salespereson – who puts the picture on the MLS, NOT the Internet realty company.

  2. all of the pictures from realtor sites are the same. ziprealty or redfon pictures are all from the same source. if you want to blame someone, blame the agent who took the pictures!

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