Vacant & 4 Sale

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The blue/grey house is up for sale for about $370K. The house is a gut job, or 1/2 gut job as it has structural issues. Then again, whose house around here doesn’t have some sort of issue?
The city’s assessed value of the address is $357K. It was bought in 2002 for $110K. Similar styled houses on the block assess in the $400-500K range. So it is possible, I guess, to throw $150,000 at the house in repairs and get the value of the house, however I don’t think you’d be able to sell it in the $500K range , with the market being soft as a pillow and all.

3 thoughts on “Vacant & 4 Sale”

  1. 15 minutes ago, a man was working inside the house on the right. Lanky white man with a toolbelt, driving a green Ford Taurus with MD plates.

  2. A contractor-looking Hispanic man was standing in the front yard of the house on the right this morning; talking on a cell phone.

    Oh, and has anyone noticed the “Dave’s Seafood” place on New Jersey Avenue? It is looking _good_ compared to what it was.

  3. OMG Yes, I’ve been meaning to take a picture and blog about it. It looks really nice. Let’s pray for a nice ‘something’ that won’t block the windows. The big exaust duct seems to say restaurant, if no restaurant, then … coffeehouse (but we already have BigBear), Indian Curry takeout, or (I’m really dreaming here) all natural veggie diner?

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