Somebody Stop Me Before I Buy Again

Maybe I need an intervention. Well, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Ok. I’m Mari and I have bought more seeds than my garden can grow.
Seriously, I can’t grow that many peas, or beans. One hundred or more seeds, and I can maybe support 10 plants of that one variety, tops. But that’s not the biggest problem, because I can just save the seed. I have seeds from years past that, may or may not grow. No, the problem is that I have a catalog and I know I’m going to order more. There are such tantalizing choices, like jeweled toned purple onions, Beetberry, grey shallots, white beets, golden cherry tomatoes, the temptations are far more than what my little yard can bear.
So, anyone want to do a local (I’m talking east of 9th, west of North Cap) seed exchange or seed sharing?
I got a tad too much of the following:
Blue & Yellow Blend Peas (Cooks’s Garden #579)
Romaine Lettuce
Arugula (Roquette)- ’cause the stuff is still growing in the yard
& Cherry Belle Radishes

There are some seeds that I could use all the seeds for if I eat them as microsalads, which are divine and tasty. But if anyone wants to try their hand at corn mache, Black Seeded Simpson, Garden Purslane, or Red Emperor beans, I can spare some seed.
What I’d like, at least to keep from returning to the catalogs, are some regular run of the mill peas, snap, shelling or snow, leeks, and pansies.
So do you have any seed to spare or is it too early to ask?

4 thoughts on “Somebody Stop Me Before I Buy Again”

  1. You know, I really wish I had a patio sometimes. This would be fun, if I could do anything with the seeds.

  2. Mari! This comment is not about an uncontrollable urge to purchase seeds! But rather, a suggestion that you read the article in today’s Washington Post Magazine (Sunday, 2/3/2008) on the development of the Lincoln Memorial. A good article for a historian like you. Where to place the Lincoln Memorial? At Potomac Park or near Union Station. The neighborhood of Swampoodle is mentioned, which you reference throughout your blog. So I look forward to your comments here in your blog about this WP Magazine article. 🙂

  3. Well Scott, I had the magazine, I briefly glanced at it, had no interest (Federal City non-neighborhood stuff really doesn’t draw me), and currently it is no where to be found in the recycle bin. In the past couple months I processed some stuff from a Federal agency that deals with approving the design of things like monuments, while constantly bitching about the agency’s filing system. So with that negativity still in my system I have zero interest in the Mall, things on the Mall, approving stuff on the Mall, design aspects of lampposts on the Mall, and anything else dealing with that agency.

  4. Bought more seed. Alpine Strawberry because the plants I have will one day die, and I don’t want to be without their low sun tolerant fruity goodness. And peas, ’cause mid-Feb is coming up and that’s planting time….I think.

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