Renovation 2007: Ruba dub dub, I still wanna tub

Problem: I gotta small house.
Problem #2: I want a nice little soaking tub for the occasional soak.

I’ve looked at the tubs out there. If I lived in the UK this would be easier because the tubs over there I swear are more bathing friendly. Also I found some tubs that would be the right side and the right depth on the wrong side of the pond. This project will not involve US Customs.

I made a chart of the different bathtubs that I liked. I listed their price, length, width, outside depth and soaking depth. Then played out various scenarios with having a soaking tub upstairs, a soaking tub and shower upstairs, or a soaking tub downstairs and a shower or tub shower combo upstairs. Then trying to fit the various tubs in those scenarios. And please, no comments about what is needed for resale value. I’ve got so much friggin equity in this house, I could trash it and still make a profit. Besides, this is for me, not the next set of owners. My only obligation to them is to maintain the house so it may continue to stand.

Then the other thing I have to consider is that I MUST move my upstairs bathroom. The waste pipe for the upper bathroom currently blocks the front door from opening all the way. I know. My house was designed by crackheads. And this is the same bathroom with the toilet encased in the floor.

Right now I’ve got a lot of options, but I don’t know if any of them will work.

5 thoughts on “Renovation 2007: Ruba dub dub, I still wanna tub”

  1. I would love to see examples of the things you found from the UK. One day I hope also to install a soaking tub, but I would like to place it in the footprint of my existing 5×3 tub. Do you have any links to the stuff you’ve seen?

  2. happy holidays! I had a crazy crackhead designed bathroom that was 4’x11′ so i got one of those huge oval tubs, corner toilet, & corner sink and installed everything at an angle. the 10 ft ceiling had been inexplicably dropped a whole foot and the walls were covered with plastic panels held together by sticky tape (encrusted with dog hair).

    Have you ever looked at building a tile tub? I think this can be done…

  3. The UK tubs I liked were the Cabuchon tubs. I have thrown around a lot of ideas, tried mapping them out and came up with a plan A and Plan B. Plan A is to put the soaking tub upstairs and allow for showering, so it can’t be too deep. But since it will be upstairs, I don’t want it to be iron.
    So on the list of potential tubs that may go upstairs:
    1. Kohler Greek tub
    2. Takagi Model
    3. Trajet London
    4. American Reinforced’s 3×5 tub

    No on the tile tub as I’m concerned about leaks and weeping. I did looking into stock tanks and I’m keeping the idea of having a local metal fabricator make a tub (or very deep commerical/industrial sink). That’s plan C.

  4. Plan B & C are very close. They both say soak downstairs, only B is find a premade bath that will fit a 3.5×4 (maybe 4×4) space and C is commission something to fit that space.

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