If you are going to illegally dump, don’t leave your calling card

Hot young Kris Kringle (aka Jimbo) knows when you’ve been dumping. He’s ticked and reporting you.
Yes, you on the 900 block of T Street, NW and Westminster. On the off-chance ‘someone’ grabbed your boxes that you put out for recycling… did you break the boxes down? People if you are recycling boxes, you need to break them down.

4 thoughts on “If you are going to illegally dump, don’t leave your calling card”

  1. I didn’t mean to come across as a vengeful Santa with that post, but I am hoping a few people got the lump of coal they had coming this Christmas…

  2. I live on the 900 block of T ST NW — Who was it? Very curious as to who it was. We are constantly picking up trash on our street and then for the renters of properties that are just ignorant. I just don’t get how they can leave things out there for 4+ weeks and not get a clue.

  3. Well Jimbo has the link, but if you don’t want to venture over to his site… the possible* perps:
    Herschel & Dorothy Bagley
    936 T St., NW


    Lawrence Theodore Greene
    937 Westminster St., NW

    Maybe you csn join forces with the Mighty Jimbo and clean up that area around the “cat factory” as he likes to call it.

    * There is a chance that they are unknowing innocents whose boxes were used for this littering crime. Sort of like a stolen car used for bank robberies.

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