Christmas/New Year’s vacation stuff

Okay a lot of you are going to be running off for Christmas/End of year/ New Year whatever vacation so a few words of advice:

1. Stop your mail. Go to and put a stop on your mail for the time you are gone.

2. Stop your paper. Call the Post or the Times and make them stop delivering the paper ’cause nothing says not at home like 2 of those things piled up.

3. If you have roommates don’t assume they will be around to pick up the mail & paper, so ask them. They have their own lives and might at the spur of the moment run off too.

4. Tell a trusted neighbor that you are going away. Sometimes those mail and paper stops don’t work out as smoothly as we’d like and then there are the Chinese menu people and UPS that leave things at your door.

There a few other things you might want to do depending on how long you will be gone (like get a cat sitter or leave your car in a friend’s garage). Any other tips for neighbors?

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