Renovation 2007: I want a tub

I want a bathtub. Yes, I have a bathtub, but it is useless for the purpose of taking a bath. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about my bathrooms and how they will change in the renovation.
I decided that the upstairs is not the place I want a tub. The beautiful claw foots I’ve been drooling over at the Brass Knob (on the unit block of N St, should you wanna walk by it) are cast iron…. heavy. Add water, heavier. Add me, even heavier. There is a bit of me that is unsure about having that much weight on the 2nd floor. Then there is the problem of getting it up the narrow staircase, provided I got it through the front door. Besides, I don’t need a tub for the everyday. I shower every morning and yearn for a bath, occasionally. So I’ve decided that the upstairs will be where the everyday shower will be.
But I still want the opportunity to take a bath in my house. So I’m looking at the 1st floor. For the past few days I’ve been trying to figure out how to squeeze a 5ft bathtub into a small bathroom in a small house, figuring I should have more space on the 1st floor. I don’t know if it is possible. The possibilities I’ve been coming up with make the floor layout look weird.
So I’ve chucked the 5 ft bathtub idea and have begun to look at other options like an ofuro or a greek tub. Or maybe I’ll head back to Brass Knob and take a look at their 4ft-4.5ft tubs.

2 thoughts on “Renovation 2007: I want a tub”

  1. I had an obsession with the cast iron clawfoots at the Brass door know too! You know you can get them in updated acrylic now? Light weight for that upstairs bath. They still need a lot of room though so you can clean around them and set up your shower curtain, etc.

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