Chapple WINS!!!!!!!!

Good news from Chapple’s site and Daddy-5-O, the 5 votes STAND! Praise be!

I (or Truxtonian) will update this tomorrow.
Or maybe just me because someone said he could only offer snark…..
Safely on this side of New Jersey Ave, the goings on over there in ANC 2C have been interesting if not educational. Any closer to a third world type power struggle I’d need my own armed private guard, and a translator. I have learned that despite being overthrown by the electorate, which wasn’t a given until yesterday, Mr. Leroy Thorpe took over a civic association and got himself appointed puppet master (or parliamentarian) of the ANC 2C commission. So Mr. Thorpe is not going to fade away, unless the good people of 2C do something about it. Mr. Brian Smith offered some advice on the Mt. Vernon Sq list:

Alright folks…it is time to exert a little grassroots muscle. I called
Wendy Rahim in Jack Evans’ office and she suggested calling two people:

David Catania 202-724-7772 – I spoke with Jennifer in his office and she is working on who the exact point of contact is in the office. I will circulate the name and contact info when I get back to DC tonight.

Gotleib Simon 202-727-9945 – handles ANC issues for the DC Govt.

When you call please do the following:

– Make sure you explain you are a resident of ANC 2C and you are concerned about the election that took place for next year’s officers for the ANC
– Explain that with an illegal vote, Leroy Thorpe promoted himself to a post of de-facto leader of the ANC and there is a chance that he will not even be the elected member for the SMD he currently represents.
– Ask the ways that we can get this election overturned and put on hold until the new officers are installed in 2007.
– Ask that they begin a preliminary investigation into the finances for the ANC, in particular a $3000 grant for computers that ECCA received last night even though the paperwork was not filed.

So people of 2C do whatcha gotta do. If not for yourself, for Democracy.

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  1. I guess I don’t understand how this can go past January.
    The new commission hasn’t even been sworn in, and this one can’t bind the next one, which doesn’t even exist yet.

    It seems.

    An observer of the Far Side, but from a safe distance.

  2. Well Far Side Observer, two of the four commissioners are Leroy’s puppets according to nearer observers. It will be interesting to see if the parliamentarian role is tossed out, and if not I wonder if the girls will grow backbones, and discover they have agency (free will/ their own thoughts), and maybe just maybe decide they are there to serve their constituents and not Leroy.
    The ECCA is only as powerful as how much money they can get out of the ANC and other sources and how much personal influence they have over residents. A rival community group could rise up, but it may be better to conduct a renovation on ECCA. Do unto LT what he did unto the former ECCA prez.

  3. This is where we need EVERYONE to call Gotleib Simon. The problem is there is a little provision in the law that states when there is a “draw” in the election of officers it reverts back to the last slate.

    The last slate SHOULD be Leroy as Chairman…not one of the two other legs of the stool (Doris/Barbara). Also a loyal reader gave me a little letter he found that I intend to refile on the whole Parlamantarian issue…it was tried in 1997 and failed.

    Leroy…I know you or your buddies read this. I am going to make this personal and I am not going to rest until this election is thrown out. Truthfully, this is EXACTLY what you want… a reason to remain in our thoughts.

    Last night reminded me of exactly how an ANC/local government meeting should be run. A calm discussion about issues and viewpoints…not a fingerpointing conspiracy of fools. I sat with a woman last night who probably had numerous views that i opposed (and vice versa) but when we talked about our feelings instead of YELLING…we both saw the other side and came to reasonable compromises without alot of effort.

    The problem is that the iron hammer way of dealing with things does ZERO to help ANC2C…many of the cops hate Leroy and the way he handles things with a PD99 every time he disagrees…as a result we all suffer. I witnessed a politician last night duck when they saw Leroy and that should not be the case! We need folks who care AND can handle themselves as a REPRESENTATIVE of the voters of the ANC…Kevin is a welcome change!

    Over 1,000 people voted for change in ANC 2C…maybe it is time we start looking at ways we can change together.

    Brian Smith

  4. Kevin should have his own ANC SMD meetings, as Alex does. This would allow us to avoid the need for a corrupt ECCA which doesn’t even serve the entire ANC 2C02 SMD.

  5. Wendy told you to call another member? Wendy, Jack is OUR member not an at-large member and for you to tell the public to call another member…wendy, you should be FIRED!

  6. Council Member Evans is not going to do jack. If he wanted to be tough on crime, he would address this crook who just made off with ANC 2C funds and our tax dollars against our wishes and gave it to a group that is not competent enough to use it for the community’s benefit. LT may as well have given the $3k grant to a bunch of crack heads.

    Boycott the ECCA.

    Pastor Byrd should be notified about the crooks doing business in his Church since the ECCA usually meets at Third Baptist Church.

  7. Richard…I usually agree with you but this time I am going to take Ms. Rahim’s side. While she gets along with Leroy and may even call him a “friend”…disagreeing with her does not make her incompetent. She returns calls…answers questions…and is responsive to requests. I hate to be the wet blanket but that is what I would classify as an AMAZING staffer…just because she has a different take does not make her a bad person.

    Incompetent is someone who ignores requests…when I called earlier this week she took my call and handled it as an independent observer giving her honest evaluation of the situation. This is someone we NEED in government not someone we ostracize.

  8. there have been many problems that could have been corrected, resolved, fixed or worked on. the truth is, they havent. the libraries are closed, the park lights are out in shaw in at least two instances and the elemetary school in ward 2 near howard bathrooms are locked at 3 pm and have no soap and toilet paper. also, at kennedy rec center there are child molestors on staff and loitering and grooming at risk children. like the adult perverts who were video taping the wrestling “club” at the kirby/morgan playground. every parent needs to see what’s going on at kennedy rec center before letting their kids go there. this is not acceptable. who hires those people at kennedy rec and are they screened for past sexual and other criminal offenses?

  9. Sep, you are lobbing some pretty big fireballs regarding the Kennedy Playground, so I am going to ask that you point to where you are getting your intel.
    Yes, parents should beware of the various dangers in this neighborhod, but I am very wary of throwing certain accussations around willy nilly.

  10. From parents of children who were approached had to go to the rec. center with the boy and girl to identify the individual and give him back the ‘gifts’. Go yourself and see all the unrelated adults playing with children. Is that real enough? And it’s happening inside the rec. center not in the playground.

    Don’t blame the whistle blower for sounding an alarm.

  11. Sep…Mari is far from blaming but you have to realize this gets into that awful “bloggers spread bs line (sorry Mari)” that Thorpe loves to use. If this is the case you need to encourage the police to look into the claims and not post them on a blog…for Mari’s sake and others who are trying to get the word out.

    If this is true…it is not good. You have done the right thing by dosclosing it…just encourage you to go to the authorities…I would suggest Patrick Burke at the 3rd District.

  12. It was my neighbors children, not mine.

    Oh, i would have thought you might suggest i call Wendy.

    That is far from bs, why dont you go and observe what’s going on?

  13. I sent my letter today to Gottlieb Simon, and cc:’d it to Deborah Nichols (DC Auditor), David Catania, and Vincent Gray. I went after both the democracy angle and the looting of the coffers angle. I attached supporting documentation: the last audit of ANC2C, and a record of another gift of computers to the ECCA from another organization. (Thanks Si for posting the links on Fifth-And-Oh – I will repeat the links below)

    I have found letters to have more impact than phone calls or emails. If you call somebody they will likely scribble something on a piece of paper and forget about it, and emails get lost in all the other crud that you get in your inbox.

    Since these are busy people I am writing to, I used a yellow highlighter pen on the interesting bits of the supporting documentation, page-marked those places with post-it notes, and wrote helpful comments in the margins like – “The ECCA sure seems to have a lot of computers – what in the world are they doing with them? Has anybody seen them?”.

    Here are the links to the supporting documentation:

    The second is relevant because even though the gift of computers to the ECCA was not from the ANC, it shows that the ECCA must be swimming in computers already.

    Let’s flood them with letters. If you haven’t done ready, have yours in the mail by Monday morning. Time is of the essence here.

  14. OK kids looks like I’m going to have to close this post.
    The Kennedy thing was a wee bit off topic anyway. And for child explotation I think the National Center for Missing and Exploted Children & DC’s Child Protective Services (and maybe DC Parks and Rec or even CSOSA) can be a far better help with dealing with the problem than posting it here.

    OK folks shows over. Go bug Kevin Chapple or David Catania. I’ve got a house with no heat so I’m getting cranky.

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