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I’ve been lax but luckily Frozen Tropics and Richard Layman of Rebuilding Place have been all over it.
Vincent Orange and his buddies are trying to take cheap food out of my mouth, ’cause face it housing will drive the warehouse businesses to BFE, Maryland. There are certain things that do not mix well with where people sleep. You can mix warehouses and offices. You can mix offices with housing. But housing with offices and warehouses? Mixed use is a lovely tool, but like many tools it can be applied to the wrong job with bad results. The result I see are businesses, jobs (magic word JOBS) moving to Maryland. And I won’t have a place to get my tenderloin for less than $4 a pound.
This weekend I’ve been living like a queen eating fillet minion I got from the market area. My house smells of beef. I’ve hauled in some good stuff before posted here and here. But will I lose opportunities to get a lot of food for a little money because Mr. Sang Oh Choi wants the city to forcibly grab his neighbor’s land, bulldoze buildings and shoehorn a project that might be a better fit elsewhere. I mean it isn’t the only housing proposal going up in a 1 mile radius. The stuff proposed along and around that area will add enough people to make traffic a headache. Part of me wonders wouldn’t it have been easier for him to have sold the land and bought a parcel that would have been a better fit?

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  1. Does anyone know who to lobby or write in order to stop this development? Or is it too late?

    – JM

  2. Well your Ward Councilman for one and maybe also your ANC as well. The Council can make a law or start a program but also can fail to put the money or manpower behind it and thus kill it. I’m praying for the city to fail to follow through in a way that actually changes the market.
    Also tell your neighbors in terms that make the place meaningful to them. I have shared with you guys what I have gotten out of it. The bloggers Frozen Tropics and Rebuilding Place have hosted several tours (on break for now) that show what is available for retail consumers. The market area is truely a unique spot in the city limits, it is sad that 1- I’m only just discovering it and 2- someone wants to screw it up.

  3. It isn’t too late. New council members will also have a voice on it (so make sure they know your opinion). You can contact whoever will have your council seat once the new members are sworn in. Also contact Adrian Fenty, Carol Schwartz, and David Catania (currently a holdout). Also, make sure to attend any meeting in your area. As Mari said, it also helps to talk to your neighbors and friends about the plan. I think many people don’t know much about the New Town proposal. Contacting your ANC commissioner likely will help if you live close enough to the market. If they have ever had a meeting in the area about the development, then you live close enough.

  4. From the Bloomingdale list:

    “The D.C. Council had one of its final meetings of the year yesterday. Mayor-elect Adrian M. Fenty (D)and Chairman-elect Vincent C. Gray (D) will take office Jan. 2. The following legislation was approved on first reading. All bills are pending final approval Dec. 19.
    Comprehensive Plan Amendment of 2006

    Would update the city’s master plan to build 19,000 affordable housing units, create arts districts and concentrate development around Metro stations.
    Approved 12 to 0

    Amendment to the Workforce Housing Production Program Approval Act of 2006

    Would create New Town at Capital City Market, an estimated $1.2 billion development project between Florida and New York avenues NE, with the approval of 50% or more of local businesses at the site.
    Approved 12 to 0″

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  6. This deal absolutely stinks. Almost non-exsistent hearings, abuse of the eminent domain law, passing 12-0, huge donations to the council members.

    Its an absolute travesty.

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