I heart IKEA

This morning the new IKEA 2007 catalog appeared with my Washington Post. Which is totally wonderful because some idiot on Craigslist is trying to sell his copy for $20.
IKEA is great. Yes, I know some of you have forsaken IKEA, dismissing it as cheap and common, and whatever. But that’s the best part of IKEA, it is cheap and it is good design for the common man. I’m at IKEA almost every week. Mainly because the College Park IKEA (really it is Beltsville) has live jazz on Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm and my friends go there to dance (yes, because we’re weird and shameless) and eat .99 cent pasta (only available after 6pm).
Also one of the better things about IKEA, that works for people like me is that they seem to understand small spaces. Not everything has to be huge. When you walk through the showroom notice the “rooms” and how so much can be squeezed in a small amount of square footage.
IKEA song
IKEA Hackers

6 thoughts on “I heart IKEA”

  1. Robbie *hearts* IKEA. I agree that the company has an unfair tag applied to it. Yes it’s cheap and maybe it won’t last for generations. But it’s perfect for District condos (and smaller rowhouses).

  2. Ninja you speak of the Jam Cellar. It has its fans, but I haven’t been. I used to go out dancing 3 nights, now 1. If I go out more it might be an appearance at the Chevy Chase Ballroom or Glen Echo. Anyway check out the calandar bits of http://www.swingoutdc.com (ignore the discussion bored).

  3. Hey, I just checked out the Jam Cellar last nite. I approve. Nice venue, adequate metro accessibility/parking. And it’s actually in DC.

    I think it’s the younger Lindy crowd (as opposed to the Tom & Debra crowd) but I think I’d go back.

  4. CCB is in DC too, but the swing dance scene is large enough for one to avoid the Tom & Debra events if one really wanted. Some dances at Glenn Echo are T&D free as well as K2 in Beltsville, MD. Of course, I have no problem with T&D.
    Ya, know what is very T&D free? Dancing at IKEA. Organizer: Amafujo, manager at CP IKEA and vocals of Amafujo’s Mood Swing. Of course the swing scene there is small. Just me & Mike 1/2 the time.

  5. I heart IKEA too! The store is “Tha Bomb” for those of us with children. Those Swedes really know how to provide a good shopping experience for families with kids.

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