Renovation 2007: The mortgage

That equity thing? Yeah, I’m tapping into that for what I’m calling “Renovation 2007”. I’m in the middle of the financing bit, and this kids is where all that math in school comes in handy. Sadly, I suck at math.
The loan officer rattled off the monthly (fixed rate baby!) payment and for some odd reason my brain failed to factor in my 1st mortgage when I thought, “oh, that’s not that bad”. Later, the total did seep in and I realized that I was several hundred dollars out of my comfort zone. So I have informed the chauffeur that I’m going to let him go and I have resigned myself to the fact that I will have to give up the caviar and champagne lifestyle of which I have become accustomed. I’m going to have to cut back on some things I may want done with the house so I can balance out some other debts that take their monthly portion. And this means cutting up my credit card. And I will have to have a roommate.
But most funds will go to a good cause, the house. The major goal is to do the un-sexy thing of strengthening the structure along with undoing the crackhead design. So, can anyone recommend a good structural engineer?