5 thoughts on “Thai X-ing updated menu”

  1. How is the food here? I have been at a loss to find good restaurants close to my house in eckington. In addition to the Thai, is there a chinese place you could recommend?

  2. I really gave up regular Chinese food sometime ago. There are two chinese restaurants on the NE side of North Capitol that I’ve heard are decent. But I’ve never been there myself.
    Good restaurants….. well you are just going to have to go west or south for my definition of ‘good’ & ‘restaurant’. Vegitate on 9th is good. I haven’t been to the Queen of Sheba (but I’m losing my love of Ethopian) also on 9th. There are a lot of great choices up on U Street, but not really close, I know.
    I’m sure someone else can chime in.

  3. I can’t comment on chinese places in the area, but the food at Thai X-ing is terrific — fresh ingredients that are skillfully prepared.

    The catch is that the food comes slowly, and there’s no space to eat it there. I’d suggest either ordering delivery (and being prepared to wait about an hour), or placing your order over the phone and taking a leisurely walk over to pick it up.

  4. Yes the food comes slowly, but it’s ONE GUY COOKING IT ALL. The food is great, better than most of the Dupont Thai places. He’ll also cook up any requests/variations if he has the ingredients. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. (It’s quicker as take-out- at least quicker than if you cooked the same order.)

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