Misc Orange and WP

Another thing about the article (bottom of page 1 in electronic version) in the Post, there was a graphic showing the “original Shaw boundary” and then the “existing Shaw boundary.” Who decided Shaw shrank? It doesn’t even conform to the City’s definition of Cardozo/Shaw or even Logan/Shaw. Oh, and TC not even in the new boundaries. Also no reference of where information to make graphic came from.
On Orange, Ward 5 council guy and mayoral candidate…. Ever notice that you see his signs on every public signpost and traffic island but rarely in anyone’s yard.

2 thoughts on “Misc Orange and WP”

  1. I was just making that point about the Orange signs to a friend the other day….I think we can all agree it’s certainly not by accident. Well, nearly all of us – one woman called Orange “our illustrious council member” on the Ward 5 Yahoo! listserv, and she was stone-cold serious.

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