BACA meeting 2//6/06 part 3

The last portion of the BACA meeting was committee and membership talk. There were 3 minutes given to a fellow running for Ward 5 city council, Mr. Frank Wilds.
BACA is as inclusive as all out. You do not have to live in the Bates Area, nor do you have to live in Truxton Circle, or Shaw (but remember the focus will be Bates) to be a member of BACA, Mary Ann will take your $20 no matter where you live. We are a very welcoming group. I should also note that Mary Ann is also still accepting composition books and other school supplies for neighborhood children.
Art Slater is in charge of the Land Use, Planning Economic Development Committee. Art mentioned EC-12, which is the name of the proposed restaurant that is proposed to go into Firehouse#12 at 1626 North Capitol NW. Art passed out what I think are meeting minutes for his committee. Lots of bulletted things. The committee apparently is looking to get an inventory of what is in Truxton Circle and an idea of what’s going on in surrounding areas like Northwest One, NoMa, etc. This committee will have a meeting Wednesday Feb 15th at Mt. Sinai.
There were a lot of hand outs but I’m not going to retype them here. If you want more information, you just need to drag yourself to a meeting.