TC2 InShaw Blog Podcast

Feb 2006
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Holl Er Perfect (from the Podsafe Music Network)
Me, my bedroom, 2 guys and lots of latex
BACA meeting announcement, maybe, not sure
Tea to honor Carter G. Woodson
This Old House in Shaw
Historic Masonry
Family Force 5 Luv Addict

What’s missing, news about the firehouse. Sorry. Also I have to apologize again about sound quality, computer froze up before the clean up so I lost the file I was working with, this mp3 survived.

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  1. Mari, I love the new layout. The changes are very subtle. I especially like the new format for the links on the right.

    BTW, note that I have a new blog. I’m focusing on just DC now, instead of the whole world. Any comments, suggetions, tips, etc. are appreciated, as always.

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