Creme and Rodman’s

Topic #1- my hot date with Jimbo:
Hot as in spicy food HOT! Mouth on fire, must get water! Jimbo suggested we wander over to Creme (1322 U St) for dinner the other day and man, that’s some pricey Southern food. $18 for shrimp & grits. Jimbo admired the look of his $17 plate o salmon. Also the amount of wine poured for the glass of wine left one wanting. I was enjoying my shrimp & grits until I hit the sausage. It was an unexpected bite of spice. Maybe I didn’t read the menu right. We just had entrees as Jimbo had to go to the gym and I was headed out to Friendship Heights for dancing and shopping.
The rest of this post has nothing to do with the Shaw neighborhood. It’s about a store I adore, Rodman’s, up in Friendship Heights on Wisconsin Blvd. Why? I can get PG Tips (and other Brit teas), Aero bars, Cadbury Flake, lots of wine under $10, and $.89 avocados. I think they have other imported food items from Greece, Russia and India but I only care about the British imports. Being an anglophile (you can see why I’m excited about my London vacation) I like some British foods and it is so good to find decent tea and chocolate. It’s a little gourmet store without the nasty gourmet prices. Sometimes the prices are cheaper than that of Giant’s. The only problem is that it is way up in FH, so I don’t go up there much.

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  1. I did not make it to the gym. That one teensy glass of wine did me in for the evening, and now I’m hungover.

    Partying with Miss InShaw is hard work.
    >; )

  2. Hey, there is a british store in Clarendon. I forget the name, but it’s about a block or two from the metro. A brit I know goes there to get her foodstuffs from home. You can’t miss it…there is a huge unionjack on the sign.

  3. I love Rodman’s. Sometimes I forget it is there but when I do remember, it is always a treat! ;>
    All the fruit is definitely cheaper than Giant or Safeway.

  4. The British Goods Store is what the one in Clarendon is called. They have yummy Flakes there as well, but the ‘Snow’ flakes tend to taste a bit like perfume. I don’t know how else to describe it. They’re still delicious in my belly.

  5. Not that they are any closer to you, but Rodman’s also has locations in Silver Spring and Rockville. In general they have international food items that are hard to find in a regular grocer’s. However, since they specialize in no specific region, they don’t tend to have the really, really hard to get items that you will have to find country/culture/region specific stores to satisfy.

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