Chinese workers and the DCist happy hour

I’m at my computer waiting for the pain meds to kick in (arm hurts) and checking my email I have been alerted by the City Paper (ah, someone at the City Paper likes me) that the Days Inn on NY Ave NE (is that anywhere near the hooker hotel?) will be hosting Chinese workers to work on the Chinese Embassy on Van Ness for possibly the next two years. So expect a small spike in Chinese speaking folk who may or may not come through Chinatown (man they are going to be disappointed) and Shaw and all points in between.
Because the arm is hurting I left the DCist happy hour. I was glad to see John who I knew from my swing dancing days, he’s now a photoblogger. John you are an excellent dancer, email me when you decide to venture out to a dance. Also I’m getting old, loud music (unless I’m playing it) doesn’t do it for me.