ANC 5C meeting

I intended to be in bed in the next 3 minutes so let me quickly recap tonight’s meeting, which I’ll go into greater detail later.
* There were ANC 5C board elections. Jim is no longer the Chairman.
* Mondie made his proposal to the board. His project was not approved by the board. Boardmember Brother Phillips took him to task.
* Recorded some of the proposal and the back and forth regarding the Mondie item. But fooling around with the sound is going to take a week.

On the meeting agenda, but not tackled by the time Toby, John, Karl and I left the meeting, was BZA Application No. 17437 Amsale Teku would like a variance to put a “Beauty Salon” at 1543 New Jersey Ave NW.

Me go sleepy now.

3 thoughts on “ANC 5C meeting”

  1. well, we really need a beauty salon, especially one that does hair braiding. maybe they can serve 40s too.

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