12 thoughts on “Because this just won’t die… More “Contractor Guy””

  1. You are killing me with your encounter labels…I almost want to meet Contractor Guy just for the fame of being on your map.

  2. Argh!! I saw this on inshaw the day after he hit me up for a few bucks and then remarkably came back a few hours later with an elaborate story on how the “express bus” wasn’t running any more and he needed more money… He offered to leave his tools, etc., but I just told him he could just leave a chunk of my faith in humanity as collateral–I’m still waiting to get it back. 12th and Rhode Island about a month ago.

  3. Hopefullly, the US Attorney’s Office will help wrap this issue up very, very soon. Stay tuned.

    — Scott Roberts (the Bloomingdale listserv guy)

  4. I like your encounter labels too.

    That map web site is impressive. I had no idea such a thing existed. Thanks for sharing.

  5. At the risk of humiliation, add 67 N Street. He came to us with the metro fare scam and I gave him $10. Then he came back to “pay us back” a week later – and this was my naive husband, not me – but he pulled some sort of “change for a twenty” scam that left us another $10 poorer. SO mark us down twice.

  6. Great work with the map. Please add 10th and R street on there. He hit my roommate up two months ago.

  7. R and Eckington NE, twice! Myself (who didn’t actually give hime anything because I recognized the story) and my upstairs neighbor who did.


  8. I usually don’t write but this map is great – exactly what the internet/blog/neighborhood watch is all about. Thank you for all your efforts.

  9. Argh is right… He hit my place at 12th and P NW just this morning–at 7:00AM !!!!

    My partner was getting ready for the day, and this guy knocked because he said he saw our lights on. My partner talked to him through the front door–thank God– but did not open the door at all(we also have iron door that was locked as well).

    The guy had some lame story about a bad alternator, only had $3 on him, wanted to leave his ID and stuff as collateral for any money we could give him, he needed to get to the MARC train to get back to B-more, blah blah blah…

    We gave him NOTHING.

    After he walked away, I told my partner about this blog and what I’ve been reading in the past.

    Description: this guy was a caucasian male, (aged 25-35??) green jacket (army surplus?), with a brown/reddish brown beard. blue jeans and an umbrella. I’ve never seen him before in my neighborhood; is he moving west towards Dupont Circle??

    DK (Logan Circle)

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