Halloween II: Curse of the signs

Some people have their yards done up for Halloween. I don’t. So I’m going to make a sign this year to say “yes, I have candy” because last time groups of trick or treaters weren’t sure if I was a candy house. I know they are definitely going to hit L&D’s house because they’ve got the whole spider webbing and lights going on, and nothing screams “hey kids, candy here” like that. Me. A measly sign.
Right now I debating wording and if I should have another sign for when I run out. As far as the 1 candy for no costume policy, that will be in the “small print”.
Then the other problem is what to use as tape. Duct tape might take off paint and painters tape might not hold. Well it only needs to stay up for 2-3 hours.
Talking with some other neighbors I picked up these miss-matched ideas:
1. Leave your porch light on and all the lights on the 1st floor on.
2. Don’t present the whole bowl to the kids. Some have, in the past, tried to grab all the candy, leaving nothing for the next kid.
3. Remove all tripping hazards in your yard.
4. Yes, your dog is friendly and all the kids love him/her but maybe “buddy” should not answer the door too.
any others?

2 thoughts on “Halloween II: Curse of the signs”

  1. I plan to enjoy some wine on my front porch (maybe even drag my husband away from football!) and check out what’s going on. If I’m out there with a bowl of candy, lights on and a friendly face, surely kids will know we’ve got treats.

  2. Yes, kids will go for the whole bowl if you present it to them.

    I am being a Halloween Grinch this year and skipping out to go to a concert.

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