MPD 5D Awards Dinner & V.O. should quit now

The dinner went longer than I expected and creeped into my bedtime. Bad when you are the designated driver and being sleepy is as bad as drinking. Anyway, Truxton Circle was there representin’ and making our own fun.
Despite what the program said the mayor wasn’t there, neither was Linda Cropp, but Vincent Orange did show. Mr. Orange visited our table and spoke on matters that now escape me. I thought I saw Marie Johns, another person running for mayor, with that damned cell phone thingy in her ear.
At some point Mr. Orange left the dinner, which I can’t blame him if he wanted to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I know this not because I saw him walk out the door, but because the keynote speaker former chief Judge Eugene N. Hamilton mentioned it at least twice that Orange was not there. It just seemed like the judge was making a negative swipe to me. (note to TC table: Yeah and we were being all “positive”.)
Reading the Eckington listserv Orange apparently made a comment that, well, man should just quit the mayor thing now. Wednesday was it? There was a crime meeting and Orange showed up like a good council person should and reportedly made some comment that non-blacks should ask for more police as though black voices clamoring for more police on the streets would go unheard. Am I offended? Not really, as he might have been acknowledging a belief that white citizens carry more weight when complaining than black citizens. But being a public official and not only acknowledging that kind of thinking but giving it some weight, well that’s kinda offensive. Man, and it isn’t even 2006 yet.
But the thing that tells me Orange should just save his money and not run….. yard signs. I’m seeing the battle between Cropp and Fenty signs in folks yards. I have yet to see one Orange sign in someone’s yard. I don’t doubt that someone, somewhere has an Orange sign in their yard or window but I haven’t seen one.