Sursum Corda and DC Govt

There is an article in the Post I just couldn’t resist commenting on, Sursum Corda. It’s not in the TC (Truxton Circle) but just across the street and close enough.
As I read it the city has an interest in the outcome of the Sursum Corda deals. And I’m also reading into it that the city wants, the mayor wants, there to be some affordable housing to remain.
Another thing I’m picking up in reading these stories about Sursum Corda is a slight irritation with people patronizing (second definition, to talk down to) residents considering both deals. “We can make our own deal,” Rooker said. “We can care for ourselves.” Okay, whatever they chose it is all on them. If it turns out to be a bad deal, it’s all on them. They are grown folks, but as they are poor, there is the assumption that they are ignorant and can’t do for themselves. Well……that’s another can of worms I’ll just set aside.
But there are some things, minor details I wonder about. Regardless of what deal residents choose, and if they decide to put the money towards a unit in the new development, how will they be able to remain? As I understand it, and please correct me if I’m wrong, both deals give residents the option to move back, either buying a unit or getting a unit as part of the deal. Well after the checks and titles have been exchanged, who’s gonna pay the condo fee? The taxes? Insurance? Those things can add up to well over $500-$1000 a month. Other residents mentioned in an another article worry about those other bills, like utilities, that would be a problem. Maybe that will be remedied by the HUD Homeownership vouchers. Some may take the money and run to cheaper homes in PG, some may stick it out in DC. Whatever they do, let it be an informed decision.
On a completely selfish note, may the decision help make the neighborhood and surrounding areas like the TC a less crime/drug ridden, better serviced, “nicer” place for all.