Flooded basements and leaky roofs

Went to the Truxton Circle Happy Hour, or hours, at the Saloon on U and one topic of discovery was that serveral neighbors are experiencing leaky roofs. Me? Basement problems. The basement has flooded so I’ve moved a couple of rugs, threw down some newspaper and let the dehumidifier work itself to death. IT & B’s basement is a little worse off as they have stuff on the floor. If I lose power like I did a few hours yesterday I’m completely screwed because the sump pump has been going off non-stop.
The happy hour had a good turn out, met some new neighbors, witnessed the battle of the real estate agents, and talked more about the whole Shiloh church thing.
Anyway, I’ve got to get the wet & dry vac out and try to deal with the small lake that has formed down here.