I’ve spoken with my neighbors about this but here’s the deal….
I like Halloween, kids dressing up, getting candy, good stuff, but there are kids that kill the holiday for me, the ones who don’t even try. These kids come in their street clothes with a plastic bag from Giant asking for candy.
Try dang it! Try!
Yo momma got make up? You can be a zombie, some dark eyeshadow all around your eyes, or lipstick that is the darkest of browns and a little powder to keep it stable, BAM! Zombie. Eyeliner to make stitches, rags from an old t-shirt round your head and red lipstick for blood, you’re an accident victim. Cardboard. Make a card board mask. What are you? I dunno, but at least you tried.
But there will be kids who don’t try. So you will only get 1, I say ONE, piece of candy. Kids who put some effort into it will get a handful of candy. Why do would I want to reward kids who are killing the holiday by not getting into the spirit of it?