I’ve spoken with my neighbors about this but here’s the deal….
I like Halloween, kids dressing up, getting candy, good stuff, but there are kids that kill the holiday for me, the ones who don’t even try. These kids come in their street clothes with a plastic bag from Giant asking for candy.
Try dang it! Try!
Yo momma got make up? You can be a zombie, some dark eyeshadow all around your eyes, or lipstick that is the darkest of browns and a little powder to keep it stable, BAM! Zombie. Eyeliner to make stitches, rags from an old t-shirt round your head and red lipstick for blood, you’re an accident victim. Cardboard. Make a card board mask. What are you? I dunno, but at least you tried.
But there will be kids who don’t try. So you will only get 1, I say ONE, piece of candy. Kids who put some effort into it will get a handful of candy. Why do would I want to reward kids who are killing the holiday by not getting into the spirit of it?

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  1. That sounds like a good plan to me-only one piece of candy for the lazy kids. In fact, I think I will post a sign outside our door saying this, so they can all be warned ahead of time. Maybe this will inspire them to get a little creative.

  2. Adults and older siblings who drag themselves out to help, regardless of costume or lack thereof, will get candy. Because yeah, it’s cold, and you’re waaay too cool dressing up.
    bb said…
    why don’t you go out and inspire these kids to be creative, don’t be so damn harsh. i have lived in this neighborhood for over 10 years and have seen with my own eyes the sh** these kids deal with on a daily basis.

    it is not their fault they do not have anyone to inspire them. maybe next year we can have a make your costume party and inspire these kids.
    10/30/2005 11:37 PM

    bb- please see the comment policy regarding language.

    Each to his or her ability
    I’m not a party planner. My parties are lame. But lucky me, I have very understanding friends who just want to hang out with me and get fed. So putting on a party to inspire the kids, not within my abilities. Suggestions, that’s an ability, and pointing out resources, another ability. I’ll suggest eyeliner and the .99 cent makeup section of the dollar store and some CVSs for next year. Yet, I guess I should acknowledge a real fear among some youngsters and especially teens of looking stupid and having their peers make fun of them for the rest of the week. So because the poor dears are so afraid of looking stupid they don’t dress up. Still, only one piece for “rappers”, “gang members” and “basketball players in their non-work clothes”.
    Take a chance kids, look stupid for one night and I’ll give you more candy.

  3. Beats the heck out of me when it is. I try to be home between 6 & 8. I figure “mom” is back from work by that time. Also people handing out candy should be home around about that time too.

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