Wednesday Misc

BACA meeting
There was a Bates Area Civic Assoc meeting, but I wasn’t there. Anyone care to tell me the highlights?

If this keeps up I’m changing the title and posting less…
Okay I have not seen the office of the firm Crack, Smak, & Hoe set up on the corner lately. Before the Summer they would have the corner, with associates sitting on chairs and milk crates conducting their pharmaceutical business. I sort of suspect that they have moved their operation a bit off the corner to the middle of the block where I don’t see them. Or they are just more mobile, because I sense a drug dealing element. Am I wrong?

Speaking of Crack
We haven’t seen our block’s resident crackhead in about a month. But I have faith that if she has left, Gemma (evil lawyer/landlady) will put in another Section 8’er with issues. In this I hope I am wrong. I hope she rents out the place to a nice little old couple or a hard working mother and elementary aged kid. Would Gemma sell instead? I wish.

Marion on taxes. I can totally support him as a candidate with his ‘no taxation without representation’ platform.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Misc”

  1. I think the drug market has moved under the big tree on 4th ST next to the Korean Mission, in addition to a mobile element.

    Did we ever determine whether your block’s crackhead & our block’s crackwhore were the same? Ours is definitely still in business, but thankfully not in my alley.

    I have asked Scott of about the 5D CAC awards thing & the next PSA 501 being on the same night. I’m going to the next 501 to bitch & present a list of grievances from our area, but if all the cops are at the awards thing, there goes that. I don’t want to use the awards banquet as a platform to vent, but hope I don’t have to wait another month.

  2. Your ho and my crackhead, not the same gal.
    I can’t really comment on the 501 meetings because, I don’t go to those. Mainly because I hate meetings with a passion, and I’ve got other organizations I’m in, and they want to have meetings too. Yeah, at the awards thing, TC is there to represent not so much to bitch.

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