Calling Shaw residents around 9th St.

RE: Queen of Sheba and Vegetate

Some neighbors are trying to get together to support economic development on 9th Street. Particularly, to maybe make contact with Shiloh Baptist Church to see if we can all work together as neighbors. According to last week’s City Paper Shiloh has been quite active in opposing the liquor licenses of the Queen of Sheba and Vegetate.
Personally, I can’t really get behind Queen of Sheba (too close to the day care) but I think we really do need an upscale, smoke-free veggie restaurant on 9th. Anyway, if you want to try to see what you can possibly do as a Shaw resident contact Rachel Cornwell @ 604 Q St by Tuesday. She has a letter of petition (see below) for folks to sign. Or you can draft your own letter, which is what I’m going to do.
If you do draft a letter keep this in mind, Shiloh is a Baptist church. As a part of being Baptist they are to refrain from the selling, distribution or promotion of alcohol. The best that we can ask for is that they just not fight neighborhood efforts of economic development. Also, in this case please be respectful, I’d like us to work with Shiloh and not make it an us vs them battle.

Rev. Dr. Wallace Charles Smith
Senior Pastor
Shiloh Baptist Church
9th and P Streets NW
Washington, DC 20001

Dear Rev. Smith,

We are residents of the historic Shaw neighborhood where your church is located, and we have read the articles about the conflict between your church and the proprietors of Queen of Sheba and Vegetate restaurants. We are truly grateful for the presence of Shiloh Baptist Church in Shaw, your concerns for this neighborhood, and your long-standing outreach ministry to Shaw residents. We share your concern for this neighborhood and its development. We view Shiloh Baptist Church as a partner in the redevelopment of Shaw.

However, we are excited to see new businesses coming to the neighborhood, especially sit-down restaurants. We view these restaurants not as negative influences on the neighborhood, but as gathering places where community can be fostered. In our view, they are a great improvement over abandoned buildings.

We respect your church’s long history in this neighborhood. Therefore, we request that a representative group from our neighborhood have the chance to meet with you, to hear your concerns about these restaurants, and to hear your vision for the future of Shaw. We would also like to share with you our concerns and hopes for this place we call home. Please contact Rachel Cornwell at 202-***-**** (604 Q Street NW) to make arrangements for a meeting that suits your schedule.


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