Okay, maybe I spoke too soon

Well I hadn’t seen our friendly neighborhood drug dealers for several days and thought that maybe, just maybe this was the begining of the end for dealing on the corner. Nope. I still haven’t seen them, but I’ve seen their chairs out on the sidewalk where they hang. It will only be a couple of days I gather before I see them again.

3 thoughts on “Okay, maybe I spoke too soon”

  1. Since I’ve lived in Shaw, I’ve walked by those dealers approximately 450 times, we’re not on name basis but we certainly have acknowleged each other during our last 400 walk bys. It’s funny becuase the dealers have become such a part if not a ritual of our daily walks, nevertheless, I like change and no dealers during our walk would be a welcome one for me, my dog and the neighborhood. As a side note, since the dealers have been gone, so too has the number of chicken bones. Unactipated effect of drug dealers on the street are the chicken bones they leave in thier wake.

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