10,000 people who like Shaw

Just looking at the web reports and In Shaw has had 10,041 visitors. Okay people I’m only allowed so much traffic per month…. so shoo. Really, I’m not that interesting. If I were where’s my book deal? My trophy boyfriend/husband? Well, at least I have great neighbors (with the exception of the crack head a few doors down).

Oh and other news, which I’m sure will totally jinx it…. I haven’t seen my friendly neighborhood drug dealer for days. Has he and his crew moved on? Are they in jail? Or have they taken off for vacation? Was it the uptick in police presence? It’s like wierd. But I’m not complaining.

4 thoughts on “10,000 people who like Shaw”

  1. Last night I was up enjoying the soon-to-be-finished rooftop deck, when I looked down onto Richardson Place & lo & behold what did I see? A try & buy drug deal in a black SUV. Like an idiot, I called 311. Cops never came. SUV drove away after 20 minutes. I was pissed, when it hit me…shoulda called the drug squad number.

    Lesson learned.

  2. A book deal – Good idea! Should be easy to spin your past few years’ posts into a book about life in a rapidly changing urban neighborhood in early 21st century America. (Crime, class, race, speculative bubbles – it’s got a bit of everything. Even gardening hints.) Show a literary agent your site traffic statistics (evidence of marketability) & you’ll be negotiating the size of your advance in no time…

    Meanwhile, you’re right, 4th and R has been eerily quiet the past week or so. The increased police presence is a good guess. – AI

  3. Richardson is a bad spot. Unfortunately Richardson looks like a big alley and not like a street. I’ve noticed a bunch hanging over in that spot where Richardson meets 4th.

  4. yeah but, besides all the drug dealers, prostitutes, used needles/dime bags on the street (almost stepped on a needle the other day. nice.), the retaliation-instigated smashed car windows and general drama that goes along with living a stone’s throw away from 3 three lovely gas stations and a liquor store that specializes in $0.99 20oz. singles, we love our little Richardson (“place”? alley? street? …whatever it is). Seriously. I love my neighborhood/street/neighbors. It has totally grown on me. Sure, I have my moments when I’m not feeling the love so much, but mostly I just downright love where I live. I love this blog too. LT

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