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Fast food it is not. Good food it is.
Finally got to try the pad thai. It had peanuts, a lime wedge, good looking bean spouts, a decent amount of heat, and broccoli…. is broccoli supposed to be in there? Regardless it was good. I’ve chatting with a few friends and neighbors about their opinions of Thai-Xing and it varies but most like it. The biggest problem is related to staffing, which slows down how fast the food is made. As the place is about a month or so old I’m sure in time steady staff can be found so that delivery is available always and a faster rhythm is found. I’m just happy they are here.
I’m also pleased to see that only after a month they seem fairly popular as I have occasionally seen small crowds wandering out of the small space. Hopefully this bodes well for the future of this small carryout and the neighborhood.

To see the posting with the menu and earlier impressions click here.

4 thoughts on “Last Thai-Xing post”

  1. I tried to order something for delivery once, but their delivery person was not in that night.

    Hopefully, next time the urge strikes they’ll be able to come through.

  2. We ordered 3 dishes last night at 8:30. It was going to be 25 minutes. I got there at 8:55, and he said it was going to be 10-15 more minutes. I left and came back at 9:20. I did not walk out of there with the food until 9:45. Nice people, and it was REALLY good, fresh Thai food, but the wait was beyond ridiculous.


  3. The food is really good. I also wish it was more than take out, but for people who have only ordered delivery, you should try ordering by phone and going in to pick it up. The space is really unique–lots of antiques, art books and a fish tank. It’s a really cool addition to the neighborhood.

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